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Oil Change At Finish Line 38Five Reasons to Have Your Oil Changed

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to have your oil changed every 5,000 miles, just like everyone knows you’re supposed to see a dentist every six months. However, like a visit to the dentist, not everyone knows why their oil needs to be changed. Is it a scam so dealerships can pull some extra cash out of your pocket, or is it actually necessary?

The answer? It’s absolutely necessary. Below are five reasons you need to have your oil changed every 5000 miles.

1. Keep the Engine LubricatedFive Reasons To Change Your Oil

The purpose of motor oil is to lubricate your engine. When your vehicle is operating, various engine parts rub against each other. Without oil, this friction will damage or destroy engine parts. Thanks to a combination of heat and friction, oil breaks down over time. The more it breaks down, the less protection it provides for your engine. If you wait too long to get your oil changed, the engine parts will be rubbing against each other, without lubrication. This can cause serious damage and require extensive repairs.

2. Remove Sludge

Your car’s engine is not a perfectly closed system. This means it’s vulnerable to outside contaminates, such as dust, debris, engine shavings, and leaks from other parts of the vehicle. When enough of these contaminates find their way into your vehicle’s oil, it slowly starts to turn to sludge. Naturally, this sludge isn’t able to lubricate your engine properly, resulting in corrosion and major damage. When you change your oil, this sludge is removed.

3. Change the Oil Filter

Typically, when you have your oil changed, your oil filter will be changed also. The oil filter is responsible for reducing contaminants. However, after a long enough time, these contaminates will build up in your oil filter. Once the filter has reached a certain threshold, it will stop working at maximum capacity – meaning more contaminates will pollute your engine.

4. Proper Oil Level

Checking your own oil is something that’s easy to forget. Modern vehicles have an indicator light that warns you of a low oil level as a reminder. However, the best way to ensure you have the proper oil level is to have your oil changed. Those changing your oil will know how much your engine requires, as well as what type you should be putting in.

5. Protect Against Leaks

There are two types of leaks you need to watch out for. First, you need to make sure your oil isn’t leaking. Your oil change professional may notice if your oil is leaking. If they don’t, you’ll notice when your “low oil light” comes on even though you had your oil changed two weeks ago. The second type of leak is far more insidious. Sometimes, gasoline or coolant will leak into your car’s oil. Over time, this type of leak can cause tremendous damage to your car’s engine, resulting in a major repair bill. However, when you have your oil changed, these leaks become obvious and can be dealt with.

Express LubeOil Change

At Finish Line 38 we carry the best oils on the market to make sure that you and your car get the best care.

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